Wednesday, March 19, 2008

House Defies Bush on Wiretaps

House Defies Bush on Wiretaps
Can you believe this? We are heading back to the 1990's where we were attacked abroad by terrorist almost every year. We were not listening in 2001 and we had 911. The Republicans want us to be protected, the Democrats don't. How can I say that? If you owned a business and if you could be sued out of business if you help the Government, would you? No. You would take your chances and tell the Government to take a hike.

Do the Democrats hate George W. Bush so much they want to put us at risk? If you don't think this is a game, then why are Democrats voting along party lines. The F.B.I. knows everything about you, it all started with J. Edgar Hoover who was director for 48 years. The credit companies know everything about you. And there is more information out there about you that you don't even know. With in 24 hours after 911, we knew all the names of the attackers and we had their pictures. Where do you think this information was? But now we can't listen to them.

I bet you if Bill Clinton was in office today the Democrats would vote different, and the Republicans would not vote along party lines. How do I know? Because they backed President Clinton every time when it came to national security. It is time for the Democrats to stop playing games.

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