Monday, September 7, 2015

Donald Trump hasn’t spent a penny on advertising so far.

As U.S.M.C. Gomer Pyle would say "Surprise, Surprise."

Donald Trump wins a huge share of the Democrats’ non-white base — 25 percent of African Americans, 31 percent of Hispanics and 41 percent of the Asian vote.

The conventional wisdom held that Trump was merely a summer fling for angry voters, a protest candidate whose insults and braggadocio would soon impose a ceiling on his support. But recent polls suggest that Trump has raised that ceiling.

 A billionaire who started his campaign in June as a fringe candidate has now become the front runner. The once unthinkable notion that he could win the Republican presidential nomination no longer sounds so crazed.

 As businessman Donald Trump has climbed to the top of the Republican primary polls, political junkies have gone scrambling to explain or describe the coalition of people supporting him. But the candidate has offered his own analysis — he says he is giving voice to the long-dormant "silent majority."

  Lobbing rhetorical stink bombs at a large group of voters is not the normal way to get ahead in U.S. politics but Donald Trump has turned the do's and don'ts of campaigns on their head, prospering with tactics that could sink anyone else.

 Donald Trump Tweeted; "Remember that I am self-funding my campaign. Hillary, Jeb and the rest are spending special interest and lobbyist money.100% CONTROLLED"

Problem is Trump hasn't spent one red cent on advertising .  Not a problem for Trump but a big problem for the other Democrat and Republican candidates. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Russian president Vladamir Putin drawing his own red line in the sand.

Moves by Russia to send a military advance team to Syria along with other steps are raising concerns for President Obama that Russian president Vladamir Putin is planning to greatly expand his military support for President Bashar al-Assad in Syria John Kerry's state department  said Friday.

 The recently transporting temporary housing units capable of housing hundreds Russian troops to an airfield in Syria as well as the delivery of a portable air traffic control station to the airfield to help land Russian planes. The airfield serves Syria main port city of Latakia and is close to the Assad family's ancestral home.

Moscow maintains a small naval facility at the Syrian port of Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea. The port of Tartus hosts the only remaining international military base outside of the former Soviet Union.

 Russia’s economic interests in Syria totalled approximately $20 billion, about $5 billion of which are weapons sales. RIA Novosti state news agency quoted Putin as saying. "We are already giving Syria quite serious help with equipment and training soldiers, with our weapons,"

No mention of US concerns about a possible Russian military buildup, but said the two discussed "different aspects of the situation in Syria and its environs, as well as the objectives of the fight against ISIL and other terrorist groups".

For moderate Syrian rebels Putin has referred to them as "terrorists" because of their opposition to Assad forces.

Looks like Vladamir Putin has drawn his own red line in the sand. It's just on America's shore.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ahmedinejad Threatens President Obama policy on Iran

Iran President Ahmedinejad Threatens U.S. War Without Boundaries If Nuclear Faclities Attacked - ABC News

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad warned the Obama administration today that if Iran's nuclear facilities are attacked, the U.S. will face a war that "would know no boundaries."

The Iranian president, who is in New York for the annual meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, spoke at a breakfast meeting with reporters and editors at Manhattan's Warwick Hotel.

He said that Iran is on the brink of becoming a nuclear power, and warned Israel and the U.S. against attacking its nuclear facilities.

Asked about the possibility of a U.S.-supported Israeli air strike against Iran, the fiery Iranian leader said an attack would be considered an act of war, and suggested the U.S. is unprepared for the consequences. Such a war "would know no boundaries," Ahmedinejad said. "War is not just bombs."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad

President Barack Obama, by ignoring Iranian's president doesn't mean he will go away. By putting your head in the sand on this situation only allows Ahmendinejad to take shorts at your ass, as he done at the United Nations General Assembly. He is trying to show the Arab world that he is not afraid of you and as a school bully trying to make you look bad and weak to the rest of the world.

What you are doing now is not working!

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton embarrassed your administration when she said, "And I can only hope that there will be some effort inside Iran, by responsible civil and religious leaders, to take hold of the apparatus of the state," That was yesterday and today she has to clear up her statement. Hillary Clinton did not call for regime change in Tehran when she asked at the weekend for "responsible" leaders to assert control in Iran, her spokesman said Monday.

It looks like President Obama and Hillary Clinton are afraid to upset the bully Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. President Obama and the Democrat Party were upset with President Bush's statement that Iran was an axes of evil. President Bush often repeated this throughout his presidency, describing governments that he accused of helping terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction. Bush labeled Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the axis of evil.

President Obama has publicly rejected the idea that Iran's existing stock of LEU represents a breakout capability on more than one occasion. He has stated that Iran would have to make an overt move to have a "breakout capability" that would signal its intention to have a nuclear weapon.

Obama appeared to suggest that there are ways for Iran to demonstrate its intent not to build a nuclear bomb other than ending all enrichment and reducing its stock of low enriched uranium to a desired level.

So as you can see President Obama will not believe that Iran's nuclear power is not for war until they use it on Israel. What do you believe?

Obama on Iran "Small country no threat to the US, I will talk to them."

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

U.S. Postal Service and Fannie Mae Losses Billions

UPDATE 1-US Postal Service loses $3.5 bln in third quarter | Reuters

The U.S. Postal Service reported a quarterly net loss of $3.5 billion on Thursday and said it will likely have a cash shortfall going into 2011.

The agency, which delivers nearly half the world's mail, has reported net losses in 14 of the last 16 fiscal quarters.

Revenue in the third quarter that ended June 30 fell $294 million to $16 billion from a year ago, while expenses were $789 million higher at $19.5 billion, due largely to higher workers' compensation costs and retiree health benefits.

"Given current trends, we will not be able to pay all 2011 obligations," said Joseph Corbett, the agency's chief financial officer.

Mail Carriers waiting to deliver the mail.

Fannie Mae, the mortgage-finance company operating under federal conservatorship, is seeking $1.5 billion in aid from the U.S. Treasury Department after a 12th straight quarterly loss.

Fannie Mae had a loss of $1.2 billion in the second quarter, compared with a loss of $14.8 billion in the same period a year earlier, it said today in a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Washington-based company posted more than $147 billion in losses in the preceding 11 quarters, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The Treasury Department seized Fannie Mae and McLean, Virginia-based Freddie Mac, the biggest sources of U.S. mortgage funding, in September of 2008 and has spent $145 billion already to keep them solvent. In April, the Treasury and Department of Housing and Urban Development asked for public comment on how to fix the funding system after the companies’ losses on subprime mortgages pushed them to the brink of collapse.
The government-sponsored enterprises own or guarantee more than half the $11 trillion U.S. residential debt market. Freddie hasn’t yet disclosed second-quarter results.

Change you can believe in.

President Barack Obama has repeatedly claimed that his budget would cut the deficit by half by the end of his term. But as Heritage analyst Brian Riedl has pointed out, given
that Obama has already helped quadruple the deficit with his stimulus
package, pledging to halve it by 2013 is hardly ambitious.
The Washington Post has a great graphic which helps put President Obama’s budget deficits in context of President Bush’s.

Remember According to President Obama, President Bush got us in this situation. President had noting to do with it.

Bernanke, debt limit, budget deficit, dollar

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Democrats say, Bush likely to pay.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

National Guard Troops Border Support Role only One year. - Timing of National Guard's Deployment to Southwest Border Stirs Confusion, Anger

The 1,200 National Guard troops expected to arrive Sunday on the southwest border for reinforcement won't finish deploying until late September, federal officials say, stirring confusion and anger among Arizona lawmakers who thought the deadline was Aug. 1.

President Obama announced in May he would send National Guard troops amid growing concerns about border violence stemming from illegal immigration and drug smuggling. Many called for a military presence along the U.S-Mexico border to assist border patrol agents as Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a controversial law making illegal immigration a state crime -- a policy that a judge weakened this week in federal court.

Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security said the troops would be sent Aug. 1. But now both the National Guard Bureau and the Customs Border Protection says that date was when they were directed to start ramping up their numbers.
Arizona lawmakers shook their heads in disgust.

The National Guard That Can Not Guard our Borders.

Homeland Security and Pentagon officials have been jousting over the possible National Guard deployment for the better part of a year. Pentagon officials worried about perceptions that the U.S. was militarizing the border and did not want Guard troops to perform law enforcement duties.

Obama on Tuesday promised to send 1,200 Guard troops to the border to support efforts to block drug trafficking and temporarily supplement Border Patrol agents until more agents can be trained. 
additional 1,200 National Guard troops providing support for one year as part of the administration’s unprecedented efforts to crack down on transnational smuggling and cartel violence, as CBP continues to recruit and train additional officers and agents to serve on the Southwest border.
Former President George W. Bush sent thousands of Guard troops to the border in 2006.

Bush said it's crucial to not only increase patrols but to reduce the number of people trying to sneak across the border, saying that employers must be held accountable for the workers they hire. Bush says that although we are a nation of laws, we are also a nation of immigrants. "These are not contradictory goals. America can be a lawful society and a welcoming society at the same time," he said. The fact is that millions of illegal immigrants are already in the country, Bush said, but they should not be given an automatic path to citizenship. This is amnesty, and I oppose it.  Amnesty would be unfair to those who are here lawfully -- and it would invite further waves of illegal immigration."   

"This (Obama) administration seems to promise a lot and then when you get into the fine print, it just doesn't happen," said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who has called for 6,000 National Guard troops.

Asked whether he had been briefed on what role the troops would play, McCain said, "We have not been briefed, and we have asked for briefing both in writing and verbally, and the answer is,'we'll get back to you.'"

"Troops will be there this Sunday as planned," a Homeland Security spokesman said. "This is the beginning deployment stage. There is a ramp-up time and troops will be trained. Nothing has changed in our world."

"Nothing has changed in our world." That is the problem!

Obama to Send 1200 Troops to US-Mexico Border

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

President Obama on the View, Girlie Man?

"The View": Obama Talks About His iPod, Lindsay Lohan and His Daughters - Celebrity Circuit - CBS News

President Obama's musical tastes were just one of the lighter things talked about during his appearance on "The View."

After the first part of the interview dealt with jobs, the economy and the war in Afghanistan, the "View" co-hosts moved the conversation towards less heavy topics - like his taste in music.

You name a song, I've got it," President Obama said. "I've got Jay-Z on there, I got Frank Sinatra on there, Maria Callis..." But when Joy Behar mentioned Justin Bieber, he responded, "I do not have Justin Bieber on there."The interview also tested his pop culture knowledge - the president said he knew Lidnsay Lohan was in jail, but sidestepped a question about Mel Gibson's latest troubles ("I haven't seen a Mel Gibson film in a while") and claimed to not know who Snooki was -- though others have pointed out the president did reference the "Jersey Shore" star in a joke at the White House Correspondent's Dinner back in May.
The president also talked technology, saying that while he has his Blackberry, the 10 people who have his e-mail address are careful what they send him.
"Nobody wants to send me the real juicy stuff," he said. "It's all very official."
His recent vacation with his family in Maine was another topic of conversation - he said it was the "rose," or highlight, of his past month.
"We went on bike rides and hikes," he said. "You know, the girls are getting old enough now where they're not quite teenagers yet, so they still like you. But they're full of opinions and ideas and observations and it's just a great age. Malia just turned 12 and Sasha just turned 9.And it couldn't have been a better couple of days."
Sounds like one of the girls?

President Obama looks comfortable with the women of the view.

Obama: Our first female president

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If Bill Clinton was our first black president, as Toni Morrison once proclaimed, then Barack Obama may be our first woman president.

Phew. That was fun. Now, if you'll just keep those hatchets holstered and hear me out.
No, I'm not calling Obama a girlie president. But . . . he may be suffering a rhetorical-testosterone deficit when it comes to dealing with crises, with which he has been richly endowed.

It isn't that he isn't "cowboy" enough, as others have suggested. Aren't we done with that? It is that his approach is feminine in a normative sense. That is, we perceive and appraise him according to cultural expectations, and he's not exactly causing anxiety in Alpha-maledom.

We've come a long way gender-wise. Not so long ago, women would be censured for speaking or writing in public. But cultural expectations are stickier and sludgier than oil. Our enlightened human selves may want to eliminate gender norms, but our lizard brains have a different agenda.
We could say that Obama displays many tropes of femaleness. I say this in the nicest possible way. I don't think that doing things a woman's way is evidence of deficiency but, rather, suggests an evolutionary achievement.

So is President Obama a man's man or a girlie man?

Don't Be Economic Girlie Men!

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