Sunday, December 16, 2007

Democrats say, Bush likely to pay.

President Bush is scoring victory after victory over his Democratic adversaries. He has beaten back domestic spending increases, thwarted an expansion of children's health insurance coverage, defeated tax increases, won funding for the war in Iraq and pushed Democrats toward shattering their pledge not to add the federal deficit with new tax cuts or rises in mandatory spending. You see President Bush is keeping the Democrats out of your back pocket or pocket book. Bush's steadfast stand against Democratic spending, coupled with his equally resolute opposition to tax increases, could raise the federal debt this fiscal year by nearly $240 billion. Now that is a lie to scare you and let them take your money. According to the USA TODAY, October 11, 2007 , Annual federal deficit drops to $162.8 billion. The annual federal deficit has fallen to its lowest point in five years, the Bush administration reported today. President Bush noted today that this year's deficit of $162.8 billion was $81 billion lower than February estimates. It's more than 34% lower than the $248.2 billion deficit for the 2006 fiscal year. Tell the Democrats to lower the federal deficit by lowering spending. To keep their hands out of your back pocket or pocket book.

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