Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Demos Seeking Compromise......Ya right.....

Democratic leaders working on a energy bill, not working with Republicans (wrong kind of compromise),were trying to forge compromises to increase the use of renewable fuels both in cars and by electric utilities by 40 percent. But the Democrats also face another thorny issue: How to cover up, raise taxes, to $3 billion a year in lost revenue, taxes, if motorists buy less gas because of more efficient cars and SUV's, meaning less revenue, taxes, for highway upkeep and construction. Congressional rules, made by congressmen, require any revenue, taxes, losses from new legislation to be off set with new revenue, taxes, so Democrats will have to craft a tax package to deal with the shortfall. This proves that the Democrats don't believe in tax cuts, so the thorny issue for them is how to get in your back pocket with out you knowing it. They can raise the tax on gas but the price per gallon will go up and you would not like that. We can financially rape the smoker again but that will not get them $3 billion a year. Wait, raise taxes on liquor, drunk drivers cost us lots of money annually, punish the many for the few. How about just leave our cars alone? Last time I looked this was a free country. Why does the government have to tell me what to drive? Or change your congressional rules and give us tax relief. Stop wagging the dog.

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