Sunday, December 30, 2007

Japan to help China fight global warming.

China has displaced Japan as Asia's largest manufacturing country. But it is grappling with severe environmental problems, as its air, water, land and human health have suffered from poor enforcement of environmental rules, reliance on dirty coal and low energy efficiency. This year, according to outside estimates China also became the largest producer of global warming gases, surpassing the United States. Japan, in contrast, uses less energy per dollar of economic output than any other developed country. It has cut its carbon emissions sharply, how did they do it?, partly by outsourcing manufacturing to China and other Asian countries. That is what the United States is doing to cut our carbon emissions, out sourcing manufacturing to China and Mexico. China is the major emitting country of greenhouse gases. So without Chinese engagement in programs of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, ANY international effort will inevitably be without effect. By Joseph Kahn, The New York Times.

So why should we pay with our tax dollars to clean the air if their will be no effect because China will put it back in the air? Let us save our money and do what Japan has done and that is out-source manufacturing to China? Wait we are doing that now. If we keep on this same track we will reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases without having to pay for it or change our life styles. I think Al Gore just wants our money. What do you think?

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