Friday, December 28, 2007

Pakistan Accuses al-Qaeda of killing Bhutto.

Pakistan accused al Qaeda of killing opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, whose assassination has plunged the nuclear-armed country into crisis and triggered bloody protests. But Bhutto's party dismissed the official explanation and said President Pervez Musharraf's embattled administration was trying to cover up it's failure to protect her. My question is how do you protect yourself from a suicide attacker? For the past several months Pakistan has been plaqued by a wave of violence that has seen hundreds of civilians killed in similar bombing attacks and hundreds more in military personnel. Bhutto escaped unhurt from a suicide attack in October that killed about 140 people. Al Qaeda is known to run training camps, prepare and dispatch suicide bombers. How do you train a suicide attacker? Show him which button to push? No, to train him how to blend into the crowed and get to the place to do the most damaged. And Al Qaeda is training thousands prepared in case they are needed ? No,to be use as a weapon to destroy the people that get in their way. So my question, how do you protect yourself from a suicide attacker? One thing, it is not gun control, that our Democrats believe in.

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