Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A ban on FAT, no more transfat in D.C. suburb

With the first phase of Montgomery County's restaurant ban on trans fat taking effect Jan 1, the Tastee Diner's Bethesda and Silver Spring branches have switched from the margarine that has been the norm for more than 35 years to genuine butter, owner Gene Wilkes said (just those two). Wilkes estimated the switch to a trans-fat-free menu will add $1,500 a month to his supply tab, which he will pass on to his customers. "Things are going to be a little less tasty and a little more expensive, but we'll survive," said Wilkes, who has owned the popular diners since 1971, summarizing Montgomery's latest foray into the legislation of healthy habits. In recent weeks, the county's Department of Health and Human Services, which enforces food-handling regulations (the food police),has been sending fliers explaining the new rules to more then 2,400 food-service license holders (that is a lot of restaurants). "We plan to do as much education as enforcement this year," said John Munley, the department's program manager of the ban. " I think when people understand what they need to do, they will comply" (or they will lose their food-service license). By Steve Hendrix, The Washington Post. It looks like politicians know how to run your life better than you do. Just like your mother when you were young telling what you can and can't eat. They believe in womens right, when it come their bodies,concerning reproduction because women know what is best for themselves. Why can't they just let us make up our own mind what is best for us? I can tell you where this is heading to. When the manufacturer of products can't remove all of the trans fats in their product, congress, Democrats and good feeling Republicans, will put a sin tax on that product. And the public, you and I, will end up taking money out of our pockets to pay for this. This is still a free country and I think we know what is best for ourselves than politicians. Please just leave our food alone!

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