Sunday, January 13, 2008

Marion Jones gets 6 month sentence for LYING.

Marion Jones said she was scared. She said she was sorry. With a catch in her voice, she said her young sons needed her. "I ask you to be as merciful as a human being can be," she implored the judge. To no avail. The former Olympic track gold medalist was sentenced to six months in prison Friday for lying to investigators about using performance enhancing drugs and her role (knowing about it) in a check fraud scam, ending a long fall from grace for the one time fastest women on earth. U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas acknowledged the children were victims, but said criminals "have to realize the consequences of their actions on others." By Jim Fitzgerld, AP sports writer.

Criminal, so I guess Marion Jones is a criminal for lying. And Martha Stewart is a criminal for lying. Scooter Libby is a criminal for lying. Now I wonder what is going to happen to Barry Bonds and the rest of the baseball players, that lied to congress, now that they are all criminals? Do all people who lie to investigators go to jail? NO. In 1998 President Bill Clinton lied during a grand jury testimony(just about sex, his private life) and was not considered a criminal. Judge Ken Starr, thought it was best for the country, was not to prosecute him. This case itself typifies today's government, an entity that is free to intrude in any area of your life, free to make up the rules as it goes along, free to allow prosecutors to make names for themselves in high profile cases without facing any personal consequences, no matter what harm they do. The original purpose of a grand jury was to act as a buffer between the king (and his prosecutors) and the citizens. Today the grand jury and investigators, simply acts as a rubber stamp for the prosecutor. They say people will learn for this. Yes, learn how to do the Clinton shuffle.

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