Wednesday, January 16, 2008

President Bush calls for increase in crude oil production.

With oil prices hovering around $90 a barrel, President Bush on Tuesday urged oil-rich countries to raise their output, but Saudi Arabia's oil minister said the world's largest producer would do so only "when the market justifies it." Bush told reporters in Riyadh, "I would hope, as OPEC considers different production levels, that they understand that if ... one of their biggest consumers (the United States) economy suffers, it will mean less purchases, less oil and gas sold." By Michael Abramowitz, The Washington Post.

Do you mean if OPEC will drill for more oil, the price for a gallon of gas will go down and this will help our economy from a recession? Then wouldn't it make sense for the U.S to drill for more oil off our shores? It would help our economy and create jobs. Oh yes thats right the Democrats urged for ban on oil drilling off much of U.S. coast. WE can't drill off the coast of California. WE can't drill off the Coast of Florida. WE can't drill in some parts of Alaska. WE can't drill off the coast of New England. So where can we drill? We must rely on the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries for our life blood. I would buy a horse but they wouldn't let me have one in my subdivision.

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