Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Bush wants a quick agreement on the stimulus package

President Bush appealed on Saturday for swift congressional action on an economic rescue initiative and an electronic surveillance law that soon expires. The White House and House leaders of both parties reached agreement on a simply drawn stimulus program, which would provide tax rebate checks to 117 million families and give businesses $50 billion in incentives to invest in new plants and equipment(to help create jobs). In his weekly radio address, Bush asked Congress to approve the agreement as soon as possible. Some (Democrats) in the Senate, which will take up the measure after it goes to the House floor next week, have signaled that they want to broaden the bill. Democrats there want such things as an unemployment benefits extension, an increase in home heating subsidies or higher food stamp benefits.(they also want to include retirees) Bush suggested they could derail the whole effort, and he warned against it. By Jennifer Loven, Associated Press Writer.

This is suppose to be an economic stimulus package not an economic continuing package. The whole idea of giving people money so they will go out and spend it on something extra, to stimulate the economy, not to help people continue what they are doing now. The Democrats want to give extra benefits to the unemployed,heating subsidies, higher food stamp benefits and retirees. These people might need the money but they will just keep their spending at an even pace and not stimulate the economy. If you want to just give the money so someone can just spend it, give it to the homeless. I am sure they will spend it. It will not help the economy, but the money will be spent. The Democrats need to know, that we are giving out money just to help the economy, so that when the economy grows, all citizens will benefit. Just give the money back to those who paid it. This is not a welfare program.

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