Tuesday, February 5, 2008

France's president Nicolas Sarkozy weds supermodel Carla Bruni.

They had a glitzy, jet setting courtship, but when it came time for the wedding, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and former supermodel Carla Bruni opted for a simple, classic ceremony. Sarkozy, 53 and Bruni, 40, were married Saturday in a small private ceremony at the presidential Elysee Palace, less than three months after they reportedly first met, and less than four months after his divorce. The newlyweds said in a statement that they tied the knot "in the presence of their families in the strictest privacy." The mayor who performed the ceremony filled in the details. Under French law, couples must marry before a mayor to make their union official. Usually weddings take place at a city hall, with an official wedding announcement published before hand, but Sarkozy and Bruni apparently were given a dispensation, to maintain their privacy. Compiled from wire reports.

Under French law you must be married by a mayor? What happened to be married by a priest, minister or rabbi? What happen to being married in a church in the eyes of God? Now their getting married, in France, in the eyes of Government? The wedding must take place in a city hall by the mayor of that city. I just wonder how much the city is making off of the weddings? Is there a wedding tax in France or is it free to use city hall? Do you stand just with your bride or is this a mass wedding with everyone raising their right hand saying "I do." And under law it must be published in the newspaper beforehand. The President of the country had to obtain a dispensation to maintain their privacy. I will say, when the government becomes God, the government is too big. I guess in France they don't put their trust in the people or God , they put their trust in government. I pray and hope we never see this in the United States.

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