Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Night light causes breast cancer in women.

Women who live in neighborhoods with large amounts of nighttime illumination are more likely to get breast cancer than those who live in areas where nocturnal darkness prevails, according to an unusual study that overlaid satellite images of Earth onto cancer registries. The finding adds credence to the hypothesis that exposure to too much light at night can raise the risk of breast cancer by interfering with the brain's production of a tumor-suppressing hormone. "By no means are we saying that light at night is the only or the major risk factor for breast cancer," Said Itai Kloog, of the University of Haifa in Isreal, who led the new work. "But we found a clear and strong correlation that should be taken into consideration." By Rick Weiss, The Washington Post.

Now lets see. If you smoke, the smoke enters into your lungs and you get lung cancer. If you lay on the beach or if you work in the sun, the sun touches your skin and you get skin cancer from too much sun. Now ladies if you live in the a neighborhood where there is too much light, like the big cities, you have a 60 percent above normal chance of getting breast cancer, even if your breast is not exposed to the light. Now the University of Haifa has given us this information but have not given us any idea what a woman should do.

Let's see if I can help. If you don't smoke, you will reduce the chance of lung cancer. If you don't go out into the sun much, you will reduce the chance of skin cancer. So ladies if you don't go out at night and stay out of the big city lights you will reduce your risk of breast cancer. Now the government is spending way too much money on cancer health care, just ask the tobacco industry. Maybe the government should pass a law that women can't work outside of the house at night. How about a woman can't go outside of her home after 9pm unless it's an emergency. And if she gets stop by the police she must have a written permission by her husband or boyfriend.

This sounds stupid doesn't it?
But if we allow the government to get too much control of our lives they will take advantage of it. This is one of the main reasons we rebelled against England and demanded our freedom. Maybe this generation will go with the flow but their will be a generation in the future that will rebel.


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