Saturday, February 16, 2008

Smoking is now illegal in France's cafes.

Many thought it would never happen. But France, a country that has had a long, loving relationship with the cigarette, banned smoking in all bars, cafe and restaurants effective Jan. 1. " It's crazy," said Pierce Siebers, 20, a Michigan native who was visiting Paris with his family. "Everyone smokes here. It seems like part of the culture, even the dining culture." Money will likely do the talking, though. A smoker caught in the act will be fined 68 euros (almost $100.) and if a proprietor leaves an ashtray out or is found with a smoker in his establishment, the cafe could pay a fine of 750 euros ($1,077). Buying a pack of Lucky's in the City of Lights will now set you back an impressive $8, and 68 percent of which the government pockets in taxes. By Joe Ray, Newhouse News Service.

Now first of all I know smoking is not good for a person and causes health problems. I have never smoked a day in my life but I believe a persons should be told the truth and not lied to. In December of 2003 the French health ministry said in a statement that 66,000 each year die in France as a result of smoking (avoidable deaths). "on average, one regular smoker in every two dies prematurely from his or her smoking habits. Now the Health Ministry's anti-smoking division Released on Saturday, Oct. 18, 2003, page 7. Lung cancer was the leading cause of death in people under 65 last year, and smoking related illness claimed 66,000 lives. It did not say that smoking caused these deaths but related illness which is lung cancer and heart attacks. So how many of the 66,000 who died form lung cancer or heart attacks smoked? Also how many were men and how many were women.

Now you would think the number would be about the same but according to Yahoo News 10/22/03 men still account for the vast majority of deaths from lung cancer in France -- 22,600 men died from it in 2000 compared to 4,500 women, with 80 percent of cases seen smoking-related. Provided by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). In the KBP-2000-CPHG study of the French College of General Hospital conducted an exhaustive epidemiological study in 137 hospitals in 2000. We identified 904 women with proven primary lung cancer (mean age 63.9 years), Many of whom have never smoked (32.3%) In conclusion, many women affected by lung cancer have never smoked.

What about men? According to the American Journal of Epidemiology tobacco use is the main nonoccupational risk factor while many occupational procedures or agents are recognized to cause or suspected of causing lung cancer. 15 percent of male lung cancer cases that occur in industrialized countries are linked to occupational cancer. Second, according to the Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety, Vol.114. No. 9 Sept.2006, lung cancer attributable to indoor radon exposure in France. The calculation suggest that from 2.2% to 12.4% of these deaths in France may be attributable to indoor radon.

Last, if smoking is so bad why not just ban cigarettes in France? Because the French government owns the nation's cigarette-manufacturing monopoly. It reaps substantial tax revenues from cigarettes, and clings to its role as tobacco merchant. Just tell the people the truth. Show us fact and figures so we can make up our own mine. Right now all you want to do is tell us how to live our lives. Like I said earlier, I don't and never have smoked, but I know the government will not stop there. Your food is next.Telling you what you can and can't eat and how many miles you will have to walk a week. How many miles do you walk a week?

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  1. Of course, this is taking place across the globe but I do believe France will find this more difficult to integrate than in most places. Smoking is certainly more culturally ingrained in France than elsewhere.

    Incidentally, here in the UK that pack of Lucky's will set you back $10+

  2. Tobacco smoke is the primary cause of lung cancer. Although nonsmokers can get lung cancer, the risk is about 10 times greater for smokers and is also increased by the number of cigarettes smoked per day.