Friday, February 8, 2008

U.S. House's carbon offsets waste of tax payers money

The House of Representatives has presumably learned that money cannot buy love or happiness. Now, it turns out it's not a sure solution to climate guilt, either. In November, the Democratic-led House spent about $89,000 on so called carbon offsets. This purchase was supposed to cancel out greenhouse gas emissions from House buildings, including half of the U.S. Capitol, by triggering an equal reduction in emissions elsewhere. Some of the money went to farmers in North Dakota, for tilling practices that keep carbon buried in the soil. But some farmers were already doing this, for other reasons, before the House paid a cent. Other funds went to Iowa, where a power plant had been temporarily readjusted to burn more cleanly. But that test project had ended more than a year before the money arrived. " It didn't change much behavior that wasn't going to happen anyway," said Joseph Romn, "It just, I think, demonstrated why offsets are controversial and possibly pointless.... This is a waste of taxpayer money." By David A. Fahrenthold, Washington Post staff writer.

I think carbon offsets is just feel good hype. If you think I'm wrong than let's see the best way to reduce carbon offsets. First, tree planting is a mainstay of carbons offsetting. So we should give money to tree planters, right! Then let's give the timber industry the money. They plant more trees than anyone else, in fact if you drive I-10 from Louisiana to Florida's east coast you will pass through many tree farms. They plant a tree about every three feet and have more trees per acre than the forest. So should we let them, the timber industry, cut down all the forest so we can plant more trees per acre. In a way that is what you are suggesting, more trees. Wait that is a problem, we need to cut down more trees so we can plant more corn for ethanol to reduce our oil consumption. In order to plant more corn we need more farm land. How can we do this? I know people are the problem. Thinking they can play God and solve earth's problems. Trying to solve the climate temperature is like all of us taking a bucket and try to empty the Gulf of Mexico.

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