Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mexicans want used U.S. gas guzzlers to drive.

While some Americans are congratulating themselves on switching to fuel-sipping cars, their old gas guzzlers just won't die. U.S. trade policy is giving them new life south of the border. Thousands of used vehicles from as far away as Colorado and Missouri jam tiny car lots and auto salvage yards in Ciudad Juarez, a gritty border city. An estimated 25,000 families make a living hustling U.S. castoffs. Among them is Jose Zavala, a used car dealer with a trucker's cap and an eye for bargains. "If it's cheap and it runs," it will find a home in Mexico, Zavala said. That's precisely what's worrying environmentalists and new car dealers, who say falling trade barriers are fueling an invasion of smoky junkers. More than 3 million late model vehicles have rumbled legally south of the border in the past 2 1/2 years. Millions more are on the way, thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA). By Maria Dickerson, Los Angeles Times.

This should be a great story. People in Mexico who can't afford a new car can now drive an older U.S. car that no one here wants. And that 25,000 families in Mexico are making a living selling these cars. We do good works in the U.S. by donating our old use cars to charity so they can sell them to help families in need. To help the homeless and ex drug addicts.

But air quality experts are fuming. The used imports are supposed to meet smog and safety standards, but Mexico has yet to put a comprehensive testing system in place. Why are the environmentalists so upset with the people in Mexico? Because they don't care about people and the needs of people. All they care about is the environment. The golden rule: Do on to other as you would have them do onto you. The environmentalist green rule: Do on to the earth as you do less on to others.

Environmentalist don't care for people in fact they have team up with politicians to control our lives. They tell us which cars we can or can't drive. They tell us what type of fuels we will burn in our cars. Where we can or can't smoke. What we can or can't eat. What types of light bulbs we will use in our homes and what type of toilet you have in your bathroom. And they are not going to stop there.

They also don't care about industry. Environmentalist want to tell the oil companies where they can drill for oil. How the auto industry must make their cars and get involved in a large list of most U.S.manufacturing companies even if these companies lose money or go out of business and people lose their jobs. Some Environmentalists even think the earth would be better off with no humans on it at all.

I believe the earth was created millions of years ago. And the earth went through many stages through its history. The environment out lasted the dinosaurs and many species of them. Many species of insects and if you believe, many species of humans. So I don't believe it when Al Gore says we only have 10 years left. I guess we got so smart in the last 100 years that we can now destroy the earth by just living out lives.

Do you want a better life for you, your children and grand children. People come first and as we grow in knowledge and science we will control how we live with the environment. Limiting how we live and controlling our carbon foot print will not help because our population will double in the next 30 to 50 years. So we must limit the growth of people or increase our knowledge and science to increase our positive effect on nature. Let's not hinder growth, let's increase it.

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