Tuesday, March 11, 2008

With strong overseas economies, private jet orders soaring.

The U.S. economy may be coming in for a landing, but the demand for private jets is still flying high. The bustling economies of China and India, and newfound oil wealth in countries such as Russia, have helped keep sales of small executive jets strong. Despite the weakening of corporate profits in the United States, North America plane makers are reporting record orders, many from overseas. "There is a lot of demand worldwide," said Raymond Jaworowski, an aerospace analyst with the market research firm Forecast International in Newtown, Conn. "If the U.S. economy does soften and even if we go into a recession, the effects will be insulated somewhat by the growing economies outside the United States." The overall demand for jets is expected to remain strong in the coming years, said Jaworowski, who forecast nearly 15,000 business jets, worth a total of $192 billion, will be sold in the next decade industry wide. By Stephen Manning, AP business writer.

Somebody needs to tell Al Gore what is happening here. Our planet will face insurmountable consequences if we don't reduce our carbon foot print. Oh thats right, Al Gore owns one of those private jets. That is how he travels to preach the global warming gospel. In fact many of todays preachers own private jets to spread the gospel of Christ. Oh yes the Pope said Thou shall not pollute the earth. More on that later,

We are told to drive less, buy hybrid cars and get rid of our safe big gas guzzling cars. What type of light bulbs we must use in our homes and buy product that use recycle material. We are told how we should live our lives while the rest of the world is ordering 15,000 private jets. Compare your little carbon foot print with one of those private jets. I read an article where the green people want to push bicycles in all major cities to reduce carbon emissions and reduce traffic. I can see it now. Here I am, a 55 year old man riding my bike to work when a private jet passes over head.

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