Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Reaction in Iraq

Pelosi Gets Quiet Reaction in Iraq - TIME

Cool Reception

Pelosi is something of a nonentity to average Iraqis. If they know who she is at all, she is generally seen as an antiwar caricature figure, someone whose views on U.S. troop withdrawals are widely considered unrealistic. Pelosi has said she wants to begin withdrawal of troops this year with a goal for the U.S. to be out of Iraq by the end of 2009.It is a time frame virtually no Iraqi political leader sees as feasible. Not even Mahdi Army militia leader Moqtade as-Sadr, the fiercest advocate of a U.S. withdrawal on the scene, has called for such a rapid withdrawal of U.S. forces.

Nancy Pelosi is traveling the world with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, which means there are a few Republicans in her group. But I wonder if she knows what she is doing and why she is there? She has stated that she wanted our troops out by the end of 2008 and now 2009. Why are the Republicans there, for a free trip? What are they going to do to change Pelosi's view to Bush's view? A bipartisan view. No way!

But maybe Pelosi's mind has changed after she met with Iraq Prime Minister Maliki. His office said that Pelosi promised "renewed US support" for his government and declared that Washington "would stand by efforts to achieve security and stability and ensure national reconciliation in Iraq." At least this is what the Prime Minister of Iraq believes.

What did she mean when she said this? Keeping our troops in Iraq longer? Spending more money for the Iraq conflict? I hope her eyes have been open to see what the US can accomplish in Iraq. A free people with free elections. I'll be very disappointed if she sticks her foot in her mouth again.

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