Monday, June 30, 2008

First Female Army Four Star General. - Bush Nominates First Female Four-Star General - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

The Pentagon announced Monday that President Bush nominated Lt. Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody to head the Army Material Command, responsible for equipping, outfitting and arming soldiers throughout the Army.

If confirmed by the Senate, she would be the first woman to attain the rank of a full general. By law, the Army is limited to 11 active-duty four-stars, including the Army chief of staff, Gen. George Casey.

Women haven't reached four-star rank because by law they are excluded from serving in combat roles, which historically have been the path to the highest-ranking positions. That exclusion still applies, but with Dunwoody the Army has chosen to cast aside its customary limitations on promotion.

Female Military Slideshow Video

Some people think a woman's place is at home and not in the military. I disagree. A woman's place is beside a man, not behind him or in front of him. I heard my minister say that God created woman from the rib of a man, so she can be by his side. The story goes, is that when God created man, He saw man was not complete and that he needed a help mate, not just for sex and raise children, but to help him complete a task.

Before the industrial revolution, when men went off to work, men and women worked together. They came to this country together, cleared land together, grew crops and worked at the task of raising a family together. Then television came and made things worst. Showing the man at work and the women taking care of the home. But when WWII came along, the women went to the factories, worked and help complete the task before this country.

There will be over a million divorce's this year, that is because our rolls, that was created by God, is messed up. You see women were created to be a help mate. To help man complete his task, this is part of their nature. When I am working on a project and stop to think what step to take next, my wife will come and ask what is wrong. When I tell her. she starts coming up with solutions ,she thinks, will help me solve the problem. This is her nature. Most men get upset and lose their patience with this, but this is natural.

Men, If you are working on your car and your wife comes in to help, don't ask for a beer. Give her a wrench. If you are going fishing and she ask if she can help, give her a fishing pole. You see guys, if you allow your wife or female friend, to work along side of you and help you complete the task before you, you will be together for ever.

The Army needs a few good women, not to serve men, but to help to the complete their task. It seems that in the Army, we are getting back to those roles. Should women be in combat? Yes, if their are qualified and want to serve there. What about sex? Yes their will be some sex in the Army, people are having sex in our churches today.

I'm proud of the women who serve me in the Army today.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Iraqi Female Suicide Bomber Kills 15 People.

Another Female Suicide Bomber Strikes Iraqi Province, Killing 15 Near Courthouse -

BAGHDAD — The latest in a wave of female suicide bombers killed 15 people and wounded more than 40 others on Sunday near a heavily fortified courthouse and government outpost in central Baquba, Iraqi security officials said. Seven of the dead and 10 of the wounded were Iraqi police officers.

Female Suicide Bombers

The bomber who struck in Baquba, the provincial capital, wore a vest padded with powerful explosives and laced with small projectiles, which appeared to be iron ball bearings, the officials said. The magnitude of the blast raised questions about the sophistication of the bomb, which witnesses described as unusually strong.

According to the Los Angeles Times the woman was about 35 years old and parked her car near the provincial council building about 1p.m. and was led by two police to a checkpoint where she detonated the explosives.

It makes me wonder what kind of hatred was in this womans heart? When she woke up that morning, she knew she was going to blow herself up. Even her family and the ones who helped her, knew this was the day she would die. Was she going to die and go to heaven? I guess hell never crossed her mined.

We live in a country that was built on the words of Christ and is practiced by many who live here. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Never is this demonstrated more when someone here or across the world goes through a disaster. The people here will rise up and do what ever they can to send or give help.

It's has been almost three years since Hurricane Katrina hit the City of New Orleans and there are students and teachers, giving up their summer, and coming here still to do what they can. Because of our Christian values, we have some of the best citizen in the world.

When this female suicide bomber looked into the eyes of these police officers, she knew she was going to take their lives and hoping to take many more as she dies. She was going to give her life, not to help, but to take. A true terrorist care just about himself and his cause and no one else. He or she will kill the innocence to further their cause. Their hatred is so great, they will kill themselves, to kill the ones they hate.

How many heavens are there? And what is the true path to get there? I think I will follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

More post on terrorist.
Syria Must come clean about N. Korea.
President Jimmy Carter's good Neighbor Plan.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

US Massive Oil Deposits Could be 10x Increase to Supply

Massive Oil Deposit Could Increase US reserves

America is sitting on top of a super massive 200 billion barrel Oil Field that could potentially make America Energy Independent and until now has largely gone unnoticed. Thanks to new technology the Bakken Formation
in North Dakota could boost America’s Oil reserves by an incredible 10 times, giving western economies the trump card against OPEC’s short squeeze on oil supply and making Iranian and Venezuelan threats of disrupted supply irrelevant.

Among Biggest Oil Finds in USA - Montana & North Dakota

The USGS did an initial study back in 1999 that estimated 400 billion recoverable barrels were present but with prices bottoming out at $10 a barrel back then the report was dismissed because of the higher cost of
horizontal drilling techniques that would be needed, estimated at $20-$40 a barrel.

Because of past failed policies, even if we can get this oil out of the ground, where are we going to refine it? We have not built a new oil refinery since the Marathan Ashland,s Garyville, Louisiana plant, which was completed in 1976. There are plenty of reasons gas cost so much, but one of them is that the United States doesn't have enough refineries.

Now the call is for alternative energy. And the Democrats say that we don't need to drill but to conserve or use alternatives. This is not a new idea. If you lived through the 1973 oil crisis than you know we did everything to conserve energy. The energy crisis of 1973 led to greater interest in renewable energy and spurred research in solar power and wind power. You need to go to the Wikipedia 1973 oil crises site and see what we did. The truth is that the U.S. government response to the embargo was quick but of limited effectiveness.

This is one issue that sharply divides Democrats and Republicans. Virginia Senate candidate Mark R. Warner, Democrat, said " "We could drill everywhere from here to New Jersey, and it's still years away and will only add about 140 days of oil supply to this country." My question to Mark would be, " Why would the oil companies spend million of dollars for just 140 days of oil?"

His GOP opponent, James S. Gilmore III, has made drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and off the East Coast, including Virginia, a central focus of his campaign, casting it as the only plausible solution for reducing the price of gas.

My question: Is this the beginning of the 2008 oil crises? What have we learned in the past 25 years? Not much! We have hindered the growth of our oil industry and still don't have any large scale alternatives. Democrat's solution; Blame everyone else. Republican's solution; Drill now. Which side are you on?

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Democrat House Waves off Impeachment Agaist Bush.

The Associated Press: House waves off impeachment measure against Bush

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, who ran for president earlier this year, insists that his resolution deserves more consideration. He spent more than four hours Monday night reading his 35 articles of impeachment into the record, including charges that Bush manufactured a false case
for going to war against Iraq.

Impeach Bush - Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles

Republicans, seeing a chance to force Democrats into an embarrassing debate, voted to bring up the resolution. Democrats countered by pushing through a motion to scuttle the bill from the floor.

I thought the the Democrats wanted President Bush and Vice President Cheney impeached? But it was the House Democrats who voted to send articles of impeachment to a committee that is not likely to hold hearings before the end of Bush's term, a procedure often used to kill legislation.

It seems that Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, has been trying to impeach the President forever. And he will talk to anyone, who will listen to him, about it. Kucinich, a Democrat, told Al Jazeera, that the impeachment attempt was not just about the past, but also about the future.

If we don't establish that the rule of law must apply to the president of the US now, what we are doing is through our inaction creating a precedent that would let the next President know that he could go ahead and wage war without congressional approval.

I think Mr. Kucinich is wrong. The measure passed the Senate and House by wider margins than the 1991 resolution that empowered the current president's father to go to war to expel Iraq from Kuwait. That measure passed 250-183 in the House and 52-47 in the Senate.

The resolution requires Bush to declare to Congress either before or within 48 hours after beginning military action that diplomatic efforts to enforce the U.N. resolutions have failed.

I think the House Republicans are right. We should bring impeachment debate to the floor of the House so the whole country, and world, can see the Democrats in action. You Democrats, who wanted President Bush impeached, this is your last chance. Your Democrat leaders are letting you down. They already let you down with bringing our troops home.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi long ago declared the prospects for impeachment proceedings "off the table." Because she knew they were wrong!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Five Nations Urge Oil Producers to Boost Output.

Oil producers urged to boost output as prices soar -

AOMORI, Japan (AP) — Leading energy-consuming nations urged oil producers Saturday to boost their output to counter soaring prices threatening the world economy, while they pledged to develop clean energy technologies and improve efficiency.

Democrats Vote Against Drilling for U.S. Oil - TREASON?

The five nations — the United States, China, Japan, India and South Korea — differed, however, on how urgently oil subsidies should be phased out, with Washington backing bold movement while India and China warned of political and economic instability.

These five countries consume more than half of the world's oil and they need more in order to keep their economies running. China and India subsidies the price of gas in their countries so their citizens don't know what the real price of gas is. And because these countries are subsiding oil, it's hurting their economies.

Indian Oil is running losses of $76 million a day, and will run through its line of credit of $21.4 billion by July. That's because the government has insisted that Indian Oil subsidize all the gasoline, diesel, and cooking oil it sells, so much so that prices are a third cheaper at the pump in India than they are in the U.S. Since the oil it purchases abroad is so much more expensive than what it sells at home, Indian Oil basically loses money every time it makes a sale.

India is already facing such effects. The government hiked gasoline and diesel prices, triggering protests by angry consumers who blocked rail tracks and roads and shut down businesses. China also is afraid of mass riots if they hike the price of gasoline.

First President Bush asked OPEC for more oil and now the other four nations are doing the same. Democrats don't want us to drill for more oil but we need more oil to keep our economy going. Whoever holds the oil, holds our economy in it's hand. Boxer argued that the United States could save more oil than the refuge would produce "by just getting the SUVs to have the same fuel economy as autos."

This is the thinking of the Democrats and this is their solution, which if could be done, will take ten or more years. The American people will take so much and then we also will revolt. Their were talks in 1973, during the oil embargo, to go to OPEC and taking their oil. This just might be the reason for future wars.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Barack Obama Friend Tony Rezko Found Guilty. - Political Fundraiser Tony Rezko Found Guilty on 16 Counts in Corruption Trial - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

CHICAGO — A prominent fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich was convicted Wednesday of fraud and money laundering after a high-profile federal
trial provided an unusually detailed glimpse of the pay-to-play politics that has made Illinois infamous.

Corrupted Obama - The Antoin Rezko case

Antoin "Tony" Rezko showed no emotion as the jury found him guilty of a majority of the 24 counts he faced, including scheming to get kickbacks out of money management firms wanting state business and a contractor who wanted to build a hospital in northern Illinois.

Rezko also helped Obama on the purchase of a new Chicago home and, in his wife's name, purchased a vacant lot next to the new Obama home at the same time from a couple who insisted on selling both pieces of property simultaneously. This sounds like a pay off. While Rezko's wife paid the full asking price for the land, Obama paid $300,000 under the asking price for the house. The house sold for $1,650,000 and the price Rezko's wife paid for the land was $625,000.

Did you know that Obama and Rezko have been friends since 1990 and that Rezko contributed to the senator's federal campaign fund. So what has Obama done to pay Rezko back? Obama in his own words.". It was a mistake to have been engaged with him at all in this or any other personal business dealing that would allow him, or anyone else, to believe that he had done me a favor,"

Barack Obama has had personal business dealings with Tony Rezko and Obama purchase of his home with the help of Rezko is just political pay back. And Obama knew this, that is the reason he put the property in a trust.

Q: Why did you put the property in a trust?

A: I was advised that a trust holding would afford me some privacy, which was important to me as I would be commuting from Washington to Chicago and my family would spend some part of most weeks without me.

Barak Obama was trying to hide this from the public. Now that Obama friend Tony Rezko was found guilty on 16 counts in corruption, we need to have a grand jury to investigate the relationship and dealing between Rezko and Obama.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Democrat William Jefferson Bribery Case Continues.

Judge turns down Jefferson's plea to throw out charges-

WASHINGTON -- A federal judge has refused a request by Rep. William Jefferson's attorneys to dismiss 14 of the 16 charges against the New Orleans Democrat based on the legal definition of bribery of a member of Congress.

Democrat William Jefferson's Freezer Burn

But U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III, in a ruling made public Tuesday, said that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that bribery charges can be brought even if the acts
don't fit into the "responsibilities explicitly assigned by law." Jefferson's attorneys had argued that helping business officials win contracts in Western Africa, as the government alleges of Jefferson, isn't part of a congressional member's official duties.

I want to know what ever happened to the House ethics committee who was looking into this matter? Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio, who chairs the House ethics committee, said the allegations were "extremely serious" and the investigation is proceeding.Jefferson is charged with bribery, obstruction of justice, wire fraud, money laundering and racketeering. Officials alleged Monday that the nine-term representative used the power of his office to take hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes — benefiting himself and his family — from U.S. businesses and to influence foreign officials.

What kind of person is Democrat William Jefferson is?
Amid the chaos and confusion that engulfed New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck, congressman Jefferson used National Guard troops to check on his property and rescue his personal belongings -- even while New Orleans residents were trying to get rescued from rooftops, ABC News has learned.

Do you know with Democrat William Jefferson it's a family affair. Mose Jefferson, brother of indicted Rep. Wiliam Jefferson, has been indicted in a federal corruption probe unrelated to the case against the congressman, the Associated Press reported.

"In a federal indictment handed up Wednesday, Mose Jefferson is accused of giving
$140,000 to help secure about $14 million in contracts to bring a computer-based teaching system to Orleans Parish schools. He is charged with bribery, money laundering and obstruction of justice," the AP said.

How long will this go on? When will Democrat William Jefferson see justice? And why is this news story buried by the Nation New Media? This has been going on now for over three years. It's time justice is served.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Democrats Push for Climate Change Bill

Calif. Democrat pushes for climate bill -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Democratic head of the Senate's environment committee tried Saturday to drum up support for legislation to deal with "one of the most important issues of our time," global warming.

Global Warming Hoax

"There are some in the Senate who insist that global warming is nothing more than science fiction," Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said in the Democrats' weekly radio address. "The fact is that the overwhelming majority of scientists say that the earth is in peril if we don't act now."

This is not true. Sen Barbara Boxer, D-Calf. is just repeating hear say and not facts. On Dec. 13, 2007, 100 scientists jointly signed an Open Letter to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, requesting they cease the man-made global warming hysteria and settle down to helping mankind better prepare for natural disasters. The final signature was from the President of the World Federation of Scientists. These are scientist who study climate change and know what they are talking about.

China is the rousing giant of global warming. It stands as a developing nation outside the guidelines of the Kyoto treaty, yet with more than one billion people and a huge energy-gobbling economy, it is one of the most influential countries in climate change. It is first in coal consumption and the number two nation in carbon dioxide emissions behind the United States. They are quickly becoming number one in carbon dioxide emissions.

One hundred and thirty-seven (137) developing countries have ratified the Kyoto Protocol, including Brazil, China and India, but have no obligation beyond monitoring and reporting emissions. The United States has not ratified the treaty. They have no obligation but reporting. But Sen. Barbara Boxer and the United Nations wants us to lower our standard of living and not the rest of the three major polluters.

Boxer disputed industry claims that proposed limits on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions pose risks to the economy. The legislation "will create millions of new jobs and put us on the path to energy independence," she said. What makes Barbara Boxer so smart that she know better than the industry experts? She is a woman who is governing by feelings, instead of facts. In order to be a good congresswoman you must look at both sides of an issue not just one.

More reading on Global Warming.

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