Thursday, June 5, 2008

Barack Obama Friend Tony Rezko Found Guilty. - Political Fundraiser Tony Rezko Found Guilty on 16 Counts in Corruption Trial - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

CHICAGO — A prominent fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich was convicted Wednesday of fraud and money laundering after a high-profile federal
trial provided an unusually detailed glimpse of the pay-to-play politics that has made Illinois infamous.

Corrupted Obama - The Antoin Rezko case

Antoin "Tony" Rezko showed no emotion as the jury found him guilty of a majority of the 24 counts he faced, including scheming to get kickbacks out of money management firms wanting state business and a contractor who wanted to build a hospital in northern Illinois.

Rezko also helped Obama on the purchase of a new Chicago home and, in his wife's name, purchased a vacant lot next to the new Obama home at the same time from a couple who insisted on selling both pieces of property simultaneously. This sounds like a pay off. While Rezko's wife paid the full asking price for the land, Obama paid $300,000 under the asking price for the house. The house sold for $1,650,000 and the price Rezko's wife paid for the land was $625,000.

Did you know that Obama and Rezko have been friends since 1990 and that Rezko contributed to the senator's federal campaign fund. So what has Obama done to pay Rezko back? Obama in his own words.". It was a mistake to have been engaged with him at all in this or any other personal business dealing that would allow him, or anyone else, to believe that he had done me a favor,"

Barack Obama has had personal business dealings with Tony Rezko and Obama purchase of his home with the help of Rezko is just political pay back. And Obama knew this, that is the reason he put the property in a trust.

Q: Why did you put the property in a trust?

A: I was advised that a trust holding would afford me some privacy, which was important to me as I would be commuting from Washington to Chicago and my family would spend some part of most weeks without me.

Barak Obama was trying to hide this from the public. Now that Obama friend Tony Rezko was found guilty on 16 counts in corruption, we need to have a grand jury to investigate the relationship and dealing between Rezko and Obama.

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