Monday, June 30, 2008

First Female Army Four Star General. - Bush Nominates First Female Four-Star General - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

The Pentagon announced Monday that President Bush nominated Lt. Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody to head the Army Material Command, responsible for equipping, outfitting and arming soldiers throughout the Army.

If confirmed by the Senate, she would be the first woman to attain the rank of a full general. By law, the Army is limited to 11 active-duty four-stars, including the Army chief of staff, Gen. George Casey.

Women haven't reached four-star rank because by law they are excluded from serving in combat roles, which historically have been the path to the highest-ranking positions. That exclusion still applies, but with Dunwoody the Army has chosen to cast aside its customary limitations on promotion.

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Some people think a woman's place is at home and not in the military. I disagree. A woman's place is beside a man, not behind him or in front of him. I heard my minister say that God created woman from the rib of a man, so she can be by his side. The story goes, is that when God created man, He saw man was not complete and that he needed a help mate, not just for sex and raise children, but to help him complete a task.

Before the industrial revolution, when men went off to work, men and women worked together. They came to this country together, cleared land together, grew crops and worked at the task of raising a family together. Then television came and made things worst. Showing the man at work and the women taking care of the home. But when WWII came along, the women went to the factories, worked and help complete the task before this country.

There will be over a million divorce's this year, that is because our rolls, that was created by God, is messed up. You see women were created to be a help mate. To help man complete his task, this is part of their nature. When I am working on a project and stop to think what step to take next, my wife will come and ask what is wrong. When I tell her. she starts coming up with solutions ,she thinks, will help me solve the problem. This is her nature. Most men get upset and lose their patience with this, but this is natural.

Men, If you are working on your car and your wife comes in to help, don't ask for a beer. Give her a wrench. If you are going fishing and she ask if she can help, give her a fishing pole. You see guys, if you allow your wife or female friend, to work along side of you and help you complete the task before you, you will be together for ever.

The Army needs a few good women, not to serve men, but to help to the complete their task. It seems that in the Army, we are getting back to those roles. Should women be in combat? Yes, if their are qualified and want to serve there. What about sex? Yes their will be some sex in the Army, people are having sex in our churches today.

I'm proud of the women who serve me in the Army today.

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