Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Iraqi Female Suicide Bomber Kills 15 People.

Another Female Suicide Bomber Strikes Iraqi Province, Killing 15 Near Courthouse - NYTimes.com

BAGHDAD — The latest in a wave of female suicide bombers killed 15 people and wounded more than 40 others on Sunday near a heavily fortified courthouse and government outpost in central Baquba, Iraqi security officials said. Seven of the dead and 10 of the wounded were Iraqi police officers.

Female Suicide Bombers

The bomber who struck in Baquba, the provincial capital, wore a vest padded with powerful explosives and laced with small projectiles, which appeared to be iron ball bearings, the officials said. The magnitude of the blast raised questions about the sophistication of the bomb, which witnesses described as unusually strong.

According to the Los Angeles Times the woman was about 35 years old and parked her car near the provincial council building about 1p.m. and was led by two police to a checkpoint where she detonated the explosives.

It makes me wonder what kind of hatred was in this womans heart? When she woke up that morning, she knew she was going to blow herself up. Even her family and the ones who helped her, knew this was the day she would die. Was she going to die and go to heaven? I guess hell never crossed her mined.

We live in a country that was built on the words of Christ and is practiced by many who live here. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Never is this demonstrated more when someone here or across the world goes through a disaster. The people here will rise up and do what ever they can to send or give help.

It's has been almost three years since Hurricane Katrina hit the City of New Orleans and there are students and teachers, giving up their summer, and coming here still to do what they can. Because of our Christian values, we have some of the best citizen in the world.

When this female suicide bomber looked into the eyes of these police officers, she knew she was going to take their lives and hoping to take many more as she dies. She was going to give her life, not to help, but to take. A true terrorist care just about himself and his cause and no one else. He or she will kill the innocence to further their cause. Their hatred is so great, they will kill themselves, to kill the ones they hate.

How many heavens are there? And what is the true path to get there? I think I will follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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