Thursday, July 17, 2008

Barack Obama, Leading or Following the Leader?

Critics Blast Obama for Setting Foreign Policy Before Iraq Visit - America’s Election HQ

Barack Obama’s continued call for a troop withdrawal timetable in Iraq has critics complaining that he’s set on that policy before even taking his highly anticipated trip to the Middle East.

The Illinois senator has over the past two days escalated a campaign to minimize Iraq in the context of the overall war on terror

Tell me what you want & I will lead.

What would you call a person who make a decision with out all the facts? Foolish? Would you like a Supreme Justice to make a judgment without all the facts or a doctor to operate on you without all the facts? Then why would you want a President who makes up his mind before he talks to our Generals? Where is Obama getting his facts?

Obama Pledged to end the war by the summer of 2010. How does he know that this is possible? He has not talked to anyone in charge. What is his plan for run and retreat? Then Terrorism wins in Iraq and Osama bin Laden was right. Americans can't handle casualties.

Al Qaeda was involved in the bombing of two hotels in Aden, Yemen,
which targeted American troops en route to Somalia on a humanitarian
and peacekeeping mission. It also gave massive assistance to Somali
militias, whose efforts brought the eventual withdrawal of U.S. forces
in 1994.

Key word, eventual withdrawal of U.S. forces. This is what Barrack Obama wants to do in Iraq. The eventual withdrawal of U.S. forces before winning this war and the terrorist will strike again.

Where is Barack Obama getting his advice on foreign policy? Susan Rice, she sat by while more than one million Rwandans were butchered in a bloody genocide. She let the phone ring and declined to offer any answer that would have saved lives. And she is one of Barack’s key advisors.

If you want to know what kind of President Obama will make, just do a back ground check on his advisors. You will be surprised!

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