Monday, July 7, 2008

Democrats Count Iraq Casualties but Push for Partial Birth Abortion.

McCain: Cutting casualties in Iraq is primary goal - Yahoo! News

John McCain said it is more important to avoid casualties in Iraq than bringing troops home. As you can guess the Democrats went bananas. The Democrats declared that McCain is out of touch with the public, but they don't what to drill for oil. He is out of touch and don't know the needs of the military, but the Democrats have to be dragged to finance them.

The Democrats are keeping the count of the deaths in Iraq and the News Media is helping them. Do you remember the count down during the October 2006 mid term elections. Every day we were told how many Americans died that day. They all cried this is Bush's War and they all told us when 1000 died, 2000 died, 3000 died and now when 4000 died. The Democrats cry, please remove our troops so no more will die.

Do you think the Democrats, their followers and the press care about these lives? Demorcrats are the ones who push Partial Birth Abortion and abortion in general. They don't care about these lives. Do you think that only 4000 babies were aborted in the last six years?
According to Planned Parenthood, there are at least 164,000 abortions after the first three months of pregnancy, and 13,000 abortions after 4 1/2 months and these number are regarded as minimums. Democrats and their followers don't want to stop this.

What is partial birth abortion and why is it performed? First partial birth abortion involves partial delivery of a baby in its third trimester, following which an abortionist doctor jams scissors into the base of the baby's skull. The dead baby is then removed from the birth canal. Christian burial? No, the baby is throw into the trash to be burned as tissue.

The reason Partial Birth Abortions are preform is because the baby is too far along for normal saline, (salt) to destroy the baby. The baby is too big for suction, the baby's limbs are too strong to pull apart. Because of the lack of options, Partial Birth Abortion is the preferred choice.

Now do you believe that the Democrats care about the lives in Iraq or Afghanistan? Remember, this is Bush's War and the Democrats want ot destroy President Bush and the Republicans. If this was the Clinton War, you would not here a peep, because they really don't care about human life.

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