Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Muslim Portrayal Slams Obama.

Obama slams Muslim portrayal - Mike Allen -

Barack Obama's campaign is condemning as “tasteless and offensive” a New Yorker magazine cover that depicts Obama in a turban, fist-bumping his gun-slinging wife.

An American flag burns in their fireplace.

The New Yorker says it's satire. It certainly will be candy for cable news.

Now I am proud baby.

Can you believe the New Yorker did this? Obama can,t believe it. The New Yorker is suppose to be in his corner and making fun of Republicans, like they always do, not Obama.

But the New Yorker did this for a reason, not to hurt Obama, but to make money. With the growth of the internet and the growth of blogging, more people are leaving the printed page and getting their information from the Net. I personally think the New Yorker needed money and saw the opportunity to increase their readership.The number one reason they print the magazine, is to make money and the number one reason people work there, is to receive a pay check.

Today a lot of national publications are losing money and laying people off, this is because they forgot they are in the business to make money. good at printing stories, but no one wants to read them, this is why they're losing money.

So something must be wrong in what they are printing. Are they printing the news or their opponion? People want the news, not their opponion. You see people like to read the news and make their own opponion. This is why Fox is successful ...and you decide.

What make this cover in the New Yorker work, is that you can look at it and then you can decide.

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  1. You need a proofer.

  2. In my opinion you need to learn how to spell. I suppose that's how it's supposed to be. Larry Randolph - Indianola, Nebraska

  3. Basically, there's no guessing how low the corporate money grubbers will go to make a buck. There is so much to be said about Obama that is verifiable and true that there is no reason to put out propaganda, except to deflect from the truth of his sociopathic ideas of the enslaved police state uniting with the socialists of Canada and Mexico. Deflection is a tool Americans fall for over and over again, so why not this time?