Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hundreds Protest President Obama's Arrival in Arizona

More than 500 protest Obama's arrival | Mesa Arizona News - Mesa News - Mesa AZ news |

Presidential protesters made their voices heard in chants and signs Wednesday outside Dobson High School.
Here protesters, about 500 to 600 strong and growing, began arriving as ticket holders walked in.
Mesa police set up a protest area along Guadalupe Road.
They held their signs up high: "Don't tread on me," "Spend all you want, I'll pick up the tab," "I'll keep my freedom! You keep the change!" "Free fertility drugs now." And "B.O. smells and so does Socialism."

Protesters hold up signs as President Obama Arrive.

When protesters repeatedly interrupted President Bush's Fourth of July speech at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's residence in Charlottesville, Virginia, every national news media outlet reported it. But in none of their reports do they tell you how many people protested President Bush. Why, because it was about 25 people. These 25 people made national news.

When George W. Bush swore the presidential oath for a second term there were small demonstrations at scattered locations, including one several miles from the Capitol where anti-war protesters carried coffin-like cardboard boxes to signify the death of U.S. troops in Iraq. A small group of protesters close to the inaugural stands tried to interrupt Bush's speech, but he ignored their chants. There were protesters along the parade route, too, again ignored by Bush. Here again small groups making national news.

What about all the protesters near George Bush's ranch? A dozen war protesters were arrested for setting up camp near President Bush’s ranch in defiance of new local bans on roadside camping and parking. A dozen or so other demonstrators left the public right of way after deputies warned them they would be arrested. Again a small group of about 25 protesters making national news.

Now what about the 500 to 600 protester that showed up to protest President Obama. Did they make all the national news? NO, in fact the nation news played it down. Reporting; Across the road from the school, about 150 protesters shouted chants and waved signs protesting Obama's economic stimulus plan. But most of the signs protested Sheriff Joe Arpaio's crackdown on illegal immigration. Just covered it up.

The national news media was more than willing to report the small groups that protested President Bush. They ignored the 500 to 600 that protest President Obama. You can close your eyes to the protesters today but as the wave of discontent grows, so will the crowds and you will not be able to ignore them.

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  1. Did the criminal aliens also take on a $30,000 dollar debt as every American citizen did with the stoke of Hussein's pen?
    X-Firefighter (volunteer who quit on Jan 20th)

  2. I have to thank you. I remembered the entry you posted last July about how to put up your own banner. I was able to find that post the other day and following your instructions successfully put up my own!