Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton Either Lied to the American People or

Hillary Clinton Either Lied to the American People or Broke the Law 


Hillary Clinton committed perjury. Or she looked into the faces of the American people and knowingly lied. There is no third option.

 It has become an accepted reality of this presidential campaign that Clinton spins a near-endless series of falsehoods. For months, the media has struggled with this unprecedented situation—a candidate who, unlike other politicians who stretch the truth, simply creates her own reality. Clinton regularly peddles “facts” that aren’t true, describes events that never happened or denies engaging in actions that everyone saw her do. She utters her falsehoods so fast that before reporters have the chance to correct one, she has tossed out five or six more.

 This time, it is different. Clinton can’t skip past her perfidy here. There are two records—one, a previously undisclosed deposition of the Democrat nominee testifying under oath before congress, and the second a Youtube video for the Benghazi attack. In them, Clinton tells contradictory versions of the same story with the clashing accounts tailored to provide what she wanted people to believe when she was speaking.

 No question, these two stories must be investigated if there is ever a President Clinton. In the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for lying under oath about an extramarital affair, Republicans established the standard that failing to tell the truth while testifying—even in the most understandable of circumstances—rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors. Surely, perjury for pecuniary purposes or to inflate one’s self-image cannot be ignored.

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