Sunday, April 27, 2008

President Jimmy Carter's Hamas Good Neighbor Plan.

Carter says Hamas willing to be Israel's neighbor - Yahoo! News

Former President Carter said Monday that the Islamic group Hamas was willing to accept the Jewish state as a "neighbor next door," but the militants did not match their upbeat words with concrete steps to halt violence.

Hamas, which advocates Israel's destruction, instead recycled previous offers, including a 10 year truce if Israel takes the unlikely step of withdrawing from the West Bank and Jerusalem first.

Hamas has repeated confounded obsevers with its conflicting messages. Actions on the ground: seven ropckets were fired on Israel from ruled Gaza Monday, including one that wounded a 4 year old boy, contradicted the Islamic militant group's positive words about coexistence and truce.

And a leader of the Hamas military wing, which carried out a twin suicide bombing on the Gaza border Saturday. said his group would step up attacks against Israel in coming days.

The United States considers the Palestinian group Hamas a terrorist organization. They hate Israel and their main objective is to drive Israel from the middle east by killing women and children with suicide bombers. Rice and the State Department urged Carter not to travel to the region and not to meet with Hamas but he did because Bush is not his President.

What did President Jimmy Carter achieve in his recent, controversial talks with leaders of Hamas and Syria? Not a thing. Seven rockets were fired on Israel from Hamas ruled Gaza Monday, including one that wounded a 4 year old boy contradicting the Islamic militant group's positive words about coexistence and a truce. "I did the best I could," Carter said of his conversation with Hamas supreme leader.

Israel wants peace, that is the reason they gave the Palestinians the Gaza Strip, for self government. On September 12th 2005 Palestinians celebrated in the abandoned Jewish settlements of the Gaza Strip following 38 years of occupation. Thousands of Palestinians rushed into the area that used to be the Jewish settlements in Gaza, and burned at least four synagogues. Now they want Israel to give more.

Ever since Israel withdrew its troops from Gaza in 2005, Hamas has used Gaza as a launching pad for its campaign of genocide against Israel and its citizens. Hamas has been firing rockets, about 2,000, so far, from Gaza into Israel, especially on the town of Sderot, with the objective of killing as many Jewish civilians as possible. It has done so from within civilian areas using them as human shields.

It is time for former President Jimmy Carter to go back into retirement and allow who is the President at the time, to make the decisions on foreign policy. Jimmy Carter, by trying to make President Bush look bad, make himself look like a fool again.

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  1. I think you are very arrogant to state that President Carter achieved nothing in the region. How many books have you written and/or even read on this matter? Jimmy Carter has quite a few book. I have read the Hamas manifesto. Have you? Your point is well taken that Hamas misbehaves but let it be no secret that Israeli tanks have killed many civilians (including an American, Rachel Corey and a four year old boy). Israel also continues to violate international laws and UN resolutions. Israel is not an innocent bystander in the matter and that is Jimmy Carter's point. Before you become passionate and angry do your homework!