Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Holbrooke 2 minute meeting with Iran deputy Minister, Clinton happy.

Iran denies US reports of warm talks at conference - Yahoo! Malaysia News

Iran dismissed American government reports that senior U.S. and Iran envoys had a cordial _ and promising _ face-to-face exchange at an international conference, saying Wednesday that no "talks" took place. The competing accounts of Tuesday's encounter in the Netherlands appeared to reflect the different approaches to overtures to end the United States' and Iran's nearly 30-year diplomat stand off.

Washington has seemed eager to build on President Barack Obama's surprise video message last month to seek engagement with Iran's ruling clerics. Iran has _ in public, at least _ been far cooler to making immediate contacts, but has not fully rejected some openings in the future.

They agreed to stay in touch.

I would like to be your friend.

Here is what the Barack Obama's administration calls a meeting with leaders of Iran.

It was brief, it was unscheduled and it was not substantive, but a meeting on Tuesday between Richard C Holbrooke, US presidential envoy, and an Iranian diplomat marked the first face-to-face encounter between the Obama administration and the Government of Iran. However, Iran’s Foreign Ministry denied any such meeting had taken place.

So now the Barack Obama administration calls bumping into someone at a conference ,a brief, unscheduled, not substantive, meeting. So now the United States has had open talks with Iran

“It was cordial, unplanned and they agreed to stay in touch,” Hillary said to reporters at the end of the conference. “I myself did not have any direct contact with the Iranian delegation.”

They agreed to stay in touch. But now Iran dismissed Iran envoys had a cordial _ and promising _ face-to-face exchange at an international conference. Hillary, Iran doesn't call bumping into someone in the hall "face to face talks. I can see it now, Richard Holbrooke yells out "Let's stay in touch" and the Iran envoy says "ya ya."

This is how the meeting happened. Mr. Holbrooke attributed the rendezvous to geographic happenstance: he was seated at a table next to Mr. Akhondzadeh’s and was able to table-hop for a two-minute chat about Persian architecture. Iran’s representative, Mohammad Mehdi Akhondzadeh, is only a deputy foreign minister.

Is it just me but does it looks like the Barack administration is begging Iran for a meeting. Is Hillary Clinton, the immature little girl hidding behind the legs of Mr. Holbrooke? If this is how we are running our foreign policy God help us.

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