Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Barack Obama Screws Smokers Signs Children's Insurance Law.

VOA News - Obama Signs Children's Insurance Law

U.S. President Barack Obama has signed into law a children's health insurance bill that will extend government benefits to four million more needy children over the next five years.

The program expansion is expected to cost some $33 billion.

The law substantially raises the federal tax on tobacco products to pay for the expansion of the program. The tax on cigarettes will more than double, to $1 a pack.

SMOKERS have feelings too ...

How much does your family have to make to qualify for this insurance? It's $66,150 for a family of four, to be paid at Medicaid levels rather than the higher SCHIP level. But the bill allowed an exception for New Jersey and New York. Lawmakers said a family of four in New York could potentially qualify for SCHIP even if the family's income came to about $88,000.

Who would administer this program? The legislation would authorise and expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program, that is if the state can find the money to put up its matching share of the federal money. The federal government puts up 70 percent of the funding for State Children's Health Insurance Program and the state provides 30 percent.

How will the states come up with the money, the extra 30 percent? Now 29 states are facing budget deficits. That may be business as usual in Washington, but most states are obliged by their laws to maintain a balanced budget. Wait a while, didn't the Democrats in Washington pledge to balance the budget? "Pay-as-You-Go" When Democrats took control of Congress, they declared that any expansion of government programs would be paid for by tax increases or spending cuts

So to pay for the Federal government's 70 percent, they will tax the poor smoker. Now the states need a way to come up with their 30 percent. Raise taxes or cut spending? I have a great idea and it's simple. To get more money, just get more people smoking. The Federal and State governments just need to advertise.

Here are some ideas.
The more you smoke, a poor child is helped.
Every puff you take, helps a sick child.
Poor children are counting on you to smoke.
Every smoke circle, is a circle of love.
The reason you smoke is to help a poor sick child.

Do you have any more ideas? Leave a comment.

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