Tuesday, July 14, 2009

President Obama says Lost Auto Jobs Gone Forever.

Obama to say some lost auto jobs not coming back | Markets | Markets News | Reuters

WASHINGTON, July 14 (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama will say in Michigan, a state hard-hit by the downturn in the car industry, that some auto industry jobs that have been lost will not be returning.

"(The) hard truth is that some of the jobs that have been lost in the auto industry and elsewhere won't be coming back," Obama will say, according to prepared remarks released by the White House.
"They are casualties of a changing economy. And that only underscores the importance of generating new businesses and industries to replace the ones we've lost, and of preparing our workers to fill the jobs they create," Obama says in the remarks.

Henry Ford. Do you see the driving gloves?

Importance of generating new businesses and industries. Who will create these new businesses or industries. The Government? Which business has the Government created? None, they hinder the growth of Business. This is the line that not only President Obama is using but every Politician since the begining of our Country.

Out of 123,000 North American GM workers, 20,000 are scheduled to lose their jobs.
According to Peter Whoriskey in the Washington Post, "the number of cars that GM sells in the United States and builds in Mexico, China and South Korea will roughly double."

So we are going to double the builds of cars in Mexico, China and South Korea and lay off many auto makers in the rust belt. The jobs that have been lost in the auto industry and  won't be coming back are going to Mexico, China and South Korea.

As rescue attempts go, the Obama administration and its Auto Task Force are pursuing a peculiar course: They seem intent on keeping General Motors and Chrysler afloat as corporate entities by tossing more U.S. workers overboard.

On top of all that, job losses will balloon with the closing of more than 1,100 GM and 789 Chrysler dealerships, eliminating tens of thousands more jobs. “The stimulus package spends $800 billion to create jobs, while billions in loans to GM are conditioned on eliminating them.”

After months of the UAW trying to avoid a fight with Obama, in early May it began openly challenging the use of taxpayer loan money to finance the outsourcing of jobs. “We believe (GM) should have an obligation to build in this country the vehicles it will be selling in the U.S. market, thereby maintaining the maximum number of jobs in the United States,” UAW legislative director Alan Reuther wrote to the Senate.

US President Barack Obama will say in Michigan that some auto industry jobs that have been lost will not be returning. Because the good jobs are going over seas.

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