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Barack Obama's Energy Plan tried in 1973, Old School.

Political Radar: The Long & Short of Obama's Energy Plan

As part of Obama’s long term plan he calls for: A goal of having one million 150 miles-per-gallon plug in hybrids on the roads by 2015. A requirement that 10% of energy comes from renewable sources by the end of his first term, including extending the Production Tax credit for 5 years to encourage the production of renewable energy resources. A goal to reduce the demand for electricity by 15% by the end of the next decade by implementing energy efficient programs.

While admitting that his plan “sounds like a pie in the sky,” Obama told the crowd that the adoption of his proposal would produce renewable energy to replace all the oil imported from the Middle East in ten years.

Obama's 150 miles-per-gallon plug in.

Barack Obama mouthed off about John McCain has been in congress for twenty-six years and did little about dependence on foreign oil. Obama doesn't know his history, his “New Energy for America” plan was tried in 1973. I asked the question, where is that plan today?

Here is the 1973 Plan:

To help reduce consumption, in 1974 a national maximum speed limit of 55 mph (about 90 km/h) was imposed through the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act.

Year-round daylight saving time was implemented from January 6, 1974 to February 23, 1975. The move spawned significant criticism because it forced many children to commute to school before sunrise

A campaign by the Advertising Council using the tag line "Don't Be Fuelish." Many newspapers carried full-page advertisements that featured cut-outs which could be attached to light switches, reading "Last Out, Lights Out: Don't Be Fuelish."

The "Big Three" U.S. automakers' began a U.S. Department of Transportation mandated
downsizing of existing automobiles.The energy crisis led to greater interest in
renewable energy and spurred research in solar power and wind power. It also led to
greater pressure to exploit North American oil sources, and increased the West's
dependence on coal and nuclear power. This included increased interest in mass transit.

In the U.S., drivers of vehicles with license plates having an odd number as the last digit
(or a vanity license plate) were allowed to purchase gasoline for their cars only on
odd-numbered days of the month, while drivers of vehicles with even-numbered license
plates were allowed to purchase fuel only on even-numbered days.

Now with all of this plan in effect, is this what made the price of oil go down? No. Saudi
Arabia, trying to gain back market share, increased production and caused
downward pressure on prices, making high-cost oil production facilities less profitable or
even unprofitable.

So all the Democrats are wrong. Drilling for oil off our shores will increase production
and cause downward pressure on gas prices.
Barack Obama solution to high gas prices? Blow your tires.

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