Wednesday, August 13, 2008

John McCain Sharper Tone than Barack Obama on Russia.

On Georgia Crisis, McCain's Tone Grows Sharper -

Aides to Republican Sen. John McCain were scrambling last Thursday morning even as his plane was descending into Des Moines. Russia had escalated its aggression in the bordering Republic of Georgia, they told reporters, and McCain wanted to seize the moment.

On the ground in Iowa, advance men raced to erect a podium on the
tarmac, just feet from McCain's plane. The Republican nominee strode to the microphone for the first of several blistering statements condemning Russia's moves, delivering his comments well before President Bush spoke publicly about the incident.

Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain came running out of the gates, to show the American public that he is ready to answer that 3am phone call and react to the situation. Barack Obama adviser Susan Rice said "We were dealing with the facts as we knew them. John McCain shot from the hip, very aggressive, belligerent statement. He may or may not have complicated the situation."

So when the 3am phone call came Obama said, "let's wait until we get all the information before we respond." The Washington Post said, Obama has confronted the crisis in Georgia in more modulated tones, initially sounding closer to Bush than McCain. This is not true, the initial response of Bush was closer to McCain, not Obama.

Here is Obama's initial response, Monday, August 11th, four days after the 3am phone call. After President George Bush and Senator John McCain already responded.

"Russia must stop its bombing campaign and flights in
Georgian airspace,which started four days earlier, and withdraw ground forces from Georgia. "The Georgian government has proposed a cease-fire and the Russian government should, how about must, accept it. There is also an urgent need for humanitarian assistance,I think we have to stop this first, to reach the people of Georgia, and casualties on both sides." He urged the United Nations to send a mediator to join a French and Finnish delegation in Georgia

"We should, how about must, also convene other international forums to condemn this aggression,by who?, to call for an immediate halt to the violence, and to review multilateral and bilateral arrangements with Russia -- including Russia's interest in joining the World Trade Organization," Obama said.

You know with this comment, Senator Obama almost sounds like a communist sympathizer. You know in his speech to the world Obama said; The size of our forces was no match for the much larger Soviet Army. And yet retreat would have allowed Communism to march across Europe. Where the last war had ended, another World War could have easily begun. All that stood in the way was Berlin. This is not the truth according to President Ronald Reagan.

Barack Obama will get that 3am phone call and wait four days until he gets all the facts then react. Maybe too late!

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