Thursday, September 18, 2008

Al Gore's 100ft Houseboat, Global Warming can Wait.

'Global warming' Gore attracts heat | | The Tennessean

His large Nashville home, utility bills and jet travels have drawn
flamethrowers over the last year and a half. Now, it's a houseboat he bought this summer.

The latest angry anti-Gore round boiled up when radio talk show host
Steve Gill, a regular Gore basher, fired up listeners over the family's
new 100-foot houseboat that's docked on Center Hill Lake.

100ft houseboat on lake.

Sorry but the boat in the picture is not Al Gore's house boat, it is only 55 foot long. Mr Gore's boat is twice that size, about 100 feet long. To get an idea about how large this boat is, let's compare it to your house. An average three bedroom two bath home is about 1500 square feet. This boat on the main deck is about 2000 square feet. If you would count the lower deck and the top deck, it's over 4000 square feet.

Now I am happy for the Gore's new house boat. I believe that if you are successful in life at what you do, it's your money and you should be able to buy what you want. I don't believe the Government should tell you, what you can do with your money or take what they want. I believe in the Fair Tax plan. And I don't believe people should scare you into living one way while they live another.

Now how does Mr Gore justify this large houseboat? Well the fact that the houseboat, called Bio-Solar One, has a roof blanketed with solar panels and runs on biodiesel. Bio-Solar One uses about 4 gallons of bio-diesel on a typical weekend, depending on use. This is about 20-25% more fuel efficient than other boats this size and has about a 500 gallon tank. First the Hurricane Marina dock doesn't sell bio-diesel. Plus bio-diesel only has a shelf life of no more than six months.

When the boat is not in use, the solar panels will feed renewable energy back into the grid at the marina. Doesn't this sound great with no facts to back them up? Well here are some facts.

Financial Information

Remaining Balance
Annual Savings
Payback Period
5 Years
9 Years
8 Years
25 Year ROI

For a 3.6kw size system your going to pay $22,300. The federal government will give you $3000 of our money. Rebate $14,400. It will take 8 years to pay for itself. If you have to finance it, maybe 12 years. So the cost may not cover the lifespan savings.

We have learned about carbon foot prints from an Inconvenient Truth but I think Al Gore is telling us a convenient lie.

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