Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain Gaining ground in Michigan over Obama, 11 Percent Undecided.

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A new CNN poll of polls in Michigan, compiled Saturday, suggests Senator Barack Obama has a five point lead over Senator John McCain, 47 percent to 42 percent, with 11 percent of voters undecided.

Seventeen electoral votes are up for grabs in Michigan.

It seems the current financial crisis from Wall Street to Main Street will be a major factor in Michigan.

Michigan Sunset

In the last four presidential election Michigan voted for a Democratic candidate. The last time President Bush lost the state to John Kerry by just three points. Now a month and a half before the election Baack Obama is up by five points. But you must look at in this poll is the undecideds which is at 11 percent. This is a high percentage being so close to the election.

First polls are fun to watch but it doesn't give you a clear picture of what is happening. For example let's look at the UPDATE: The release of new ARG numbers this afternoon has tightened up the Michigan average by one point. Obama now leads McCain in the Michigan poll of polls by 4 points (47 to 43 percent). This morning's
Michigan poll of polls showed Obama leading McCain by 5 points (47 to 42 percent). In lest than six hours the polls change by one percent in McCain's favor. Obama percentage stayed at 47 percent but McCain went up to 43 percent.

On August 22, 2008 a new poll out today from the Detroit Free Press shows Obama ahead over McCain in Michigan, 46-39 with 12 percent of voters undecided. Now in one month, Barack Obama went from 46 to 47 percent. John McCain in one month, went from 39 to 43 percent. So if you want to play with the numbers, McCain is doing better in Michigan than Obama with 11 percent still undecided.

With just six weeks until Election day let's look at the battle ground states. Florida, John McCain 47 to 46, seven percent undecided. Barack Obama has spent $8 million on ads and John McCain just started last weeks with ads. Ohio, John McCain 47 to 46, seven percent undecided. Ohio voters say McCain is more qualified to be president and would likely use good judgment. Missouri, John McCain 49 to 45, six percent undecided. McCain is supported by 92% of Missouri Republicans and enjoys a 16-percentage-point lead among unaffiliated voters.

As you can see we can all play with the poll numbers. Right the cards are in John McCain favor in the swing states.

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