Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mr Obama no Personal Contact with Mr Blagojevich Just Sent Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel, Blagojevich Aides Discussed Senate Seat -

Barack Obama had begun thinking about his Senate successor even before the presidential election, and dispatched Rahm Emanuel to contact aides of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to begin talking up Mr. Obama's preferred candidates, associates of Mr. Emanuel said this weekend.

Mr. Emanuel, a congressman from Chicago, had been approached about being Mr. Obama's White House chief of staff the week before the election, though he hadn't yet officially decided to take the post. Nonetheless, the issue of Mr. Obama's Senate replacement was sensitive enough that senior Obama aides wanted to keep the matter within the circle of Illinois political figures, according to people familiar with campaign deliberations at the time.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich just a big boy.

Now we know that Barack Obama had Rahm Emanuel, his White House chief of staff to contact aides of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Now why would Mr Emanuel contact the aids of Gov Blagojevich and not the Governor himself? Emanuel knows the Governor personally.

It,the idea of reimporting drugs from Canada, was the sort of populist issue at which Mr. Emanuel excels, and he urged Mr. Blagojevich to take it on. The two wrote joint letters in 2004 and held news conferences on the subject, garnering attention for
both of them. Do you think Mr Emanuel spoke to Gov. Blagojevich on this one?

So we are to believe that Gov. Blagojevich instructed his aides to ask Mr. Emanuel to ask Barack Obama for a kick back for nominating one of Obama's preferred candidates? And Mr. Emanuel said no without asking Barack Obama. Do you believe this? Among those in Mr. Obama's inner circle, Mr. Emanuel had one of the closest relationships to Mr. Blagojevich but just spoke to his aides.

Mr Obama said that he had made no personal contact with Mr Blagojevich’s office and that he was gathering details of any contact between the transition staff and the governor’s administration. If you send someone on your behalf to represent you is in not a personal contact on your behalf? I guess it all depends what is,is.

Now Barack Obama said that he was gathering details of any contact between the transition staff and the governor’s administration. Is he personally gathering this information or is an aide doing it? So if an aide is gathering this information, he is doing it. But when Mr Emanuel is doing it on Obama behalf, Barack not doing it.

There is more and more to come out. President-elect Obama you pick poor friends.

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  1. Nope. The fact that you don't like Obama does not support your finding a connection under each rock.

    Fitzgerald's presentation, and the tape, made clear that Obama's staff were a ffrustration to Blogojevich corruption. Obama's statement that he had not met with the Illinois governor stands.

    The story remains that Blagojevich seems to have modeled himself after a combination of the Sopranos and the Three Stooges. The rest is wishful thinking by delusional wingnuts.