Monday, August 25, 2008

Barack Obama's Vice President pick, Joe Biden, big Yawn.

Obama’s VP Pick Changes Few Minds, Poll Shows - America’s Election HQ

Sen. Joe Biden passes the first test of a vice presidential pick, according to a new USA Today/Gallup poll — he does no harm.

But the survey shows the veteran Delaware senator may not help Barack Obama much either.

The poll, taken Saturday of 876 registered voters, showed just 14 percent of registered voters said Obama’s choice makes them more likely to vote for him. Seven percent said Biden makes them less likely to vote for Obama.

And a whopping 72 percent said he will not have much effect on their decision.

Senator Joe Biden

You know the whole idea of picking someone to be your vice president is not to have someone to challenge your ideas or to speak his mine. The idea is to have someone who will help you win the presidency. Someone who will help you win states in order to get more electoral votes to win the presidency. Obama needed someone the get the populace excited about the ticket. Like a good quarter back and wide receiver combo. A unique team.

I don't know why Obama picked Senator Joe Biden. He brings no excitement to the team. It is like picking up an old receiver for your team. No one was excited about him when he ran for president. When the first primary in Iowa was finish, Biden did so poorly in the showing he was one of the first two candidates, out of 8, to drop out. No one was excited about him for president. No one will be excited about him for vice president.

Now a poll taken Saturday of 876 registered voters, show that 72 percent said that Biden had no effect on their voting. Does this mean they already decided? Seven percent said Biden makes them less likely to vote for Obama. I wonder how many of these 72 percent are Democrats or Republicans? And if the 7 percent are Hillary voters. However, 57 percent viewed him as “qualified.” Something is going on here. I mean 43 percent don't? These must be Republicans. Obama better pray these are not Hillary Clinton voters.

So what is the end result? Biden has no effect on Obama's poll numbers. If Barack Obama doesn't come out of the Democrat convention with a big jump in the polls, like 15 percent, he's toast. This summer Obama has been on the ropes, while McCain came out swinging. Question; Does Barack Obama have a glass jaw?

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  1. The Portuguese Water Dog are wonderful pets, their curly hairs are so handsome and they are good for allergic people. A good choice for the Obama family, now some questions remain: male or female, how will they call it?